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Simple Tips to Pass Your Post-UTME 2020/2021

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to Pass Your Post-UTME

The basic process of gaining admission in Nigeria into a Nigerian is of course known to many, you have your O'levels, do UTME, go for post-UTME in your desired institution after you are scheduled, and expect to see what the outcome will be. This process of course is not so easy as it may seem considering the Nigerian situation population-wise, politic wise and even economically. The number of available to take students in are not enough to cater for the large number of applicants. This insufficiency makes the process quite competitive, hence the need to do as best as possible in all the required exams for admission. Universities in Nigeria usually schedule post-UTME exams for intending students after they must have scaled through jamb (UTME), that means the student has been able to meet up with the cut-off mark put by the university for his or her preferred course. The post-UTME is a hurdle to cross as well, as there are post-UTME cut-off marls as well, in order to at least be able to hope for admission, it is important that you score as high as possible in the post-UTME exam, either meet the cut-off mark or score higher. You should aim to score higher, but how to work your way towards succeeding in post-UTME exams is what you really want to know. You can to a good extent work your way to pass post-UTME applying these tips.

Desire Success

Hey, you have to really mean business if your goal is to be pass your post-UTME exam. You need to put jamb behind you is you have been able to cross that hurdle, push for the next thing. Know that you can achieve success and really be determined to succeed. Having such a mind-set will make you to do all that you possibly can to have up to the cut-off mark and more. Of course you must be sure of what cut-off mark your intended institution placed on your desired course, and work towards that, even above it. Do all you need to.

Make do with past questions

Get the past post-UTME questions of the institution you have applied to, as early as possible. You need to have a good idea of how they set their questions, the nature of the questions, what topics you may need to look into, how many questions they set. When you go through past questions, you will be able to get insight into some of those important things you need to know. So, do not underplay the usefulness of past questions. If you have to buy the past questions, do so, if some are available online, get them and use. This is one of the important things you have to do to set yourself up for success in your post-UTME exam. Ensure you practice the past questions, practice as much as possible, and read up everything you need to read up to be able to answer the questions properly.

Put yourself to test

You could try to do a mock test for yourself, answer questions from the past questions and mark using the answers provided in the past question material, score yourself and see how well you are doing. This will help you to know how ready you are for the exam. If you discover you need to put in much more effort, do so.

Be computer-acquainted

There may be institutions where your post-UTME will be computer-based. Of course it is more of just moving the mouse and clicking, not complex things, but ensure that you know all that is necessary about how to go about it if it is computer-based. If you have any question during the computer-based exam, what you might just need to do is to raise your hand to call the attention of the officials. Do not just assume anything if you do not fully understand what to do.

Improve your speed

One of the things that you really need to work on is your speed. You will be given a number of questions to answer within a short while and you know, the more you are able to answer correctly, the better. So when working with past questions while practicing, ensure you put time and speed into consideration. Answer questions fast. When putting yourself to test, put the right timing into consideration.

Get a good O'level result

The university you are applying to may have a way of factoring your O'level result grade points as part of your scoring to either be qualified or not. So, ensure that you have an O'level result with good grade points. If you have more than one result, use the one with the best grades.

Do without calculator

It is important that you learn how to do certain level of calculations without using calculators. You may not be permitted to take calculators inside. So, to be on the safer side, prepare yourself and brace up to the challenge.

Do your very best

Ensure that you put in all the effort you can while preparing for the exam and even when doing the exam. Have the right mind-set, be optimistic, see yourself excelling, see yourself being successful. Do not work towards it with the wrong attitude, do not go for the exam with a wrong attitude. Cultivate the right attitude of ‘I can' towards the exam.

Attend tutorials

Try to find out where they are organising tutorials for the post-UTME exam you want to do. Attend tutorials and learn strategies or hints you need to know about the exam. You might even be lucky to attend a tutorial where you will be administered a mock exam. Ensure that you do the mock exam and see how well you are able to do. Taking part in the mock exam will help you know your level of preparedness and probably an idea of what to expect. Take the tutorial classes serious. Just give your best and do all you need to do to pass your post-UTME at this one time you are doing it knowing that if you are able to do well and get admitted into the school, you won't have to do it over again except you want to take another undergraduate degree.

Travel early

If you have to travel some distance for your post-UTME exam, then you may want to make the journey probably a day before so that it will not be that you are just travelling on the exam day. Travelling earlier will help you to be on the safer side just should in case anything unexpected comes up.

Get to the venue early

Ensure that you go to the venue of the examination early enough. Do not go late. When you go early, then you would have been able to do away with the tension of rushing and hurrying at an almost late time.

Make sure that you do not allow yourself to be too tensioned or pressured when you are to take the exam. Try to be calm and collected and go in with the right attitude. any form of malpractice, prepare your best before the exam, do your best during the exam and expect the best.

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