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The adverse situation in the various government areas of Nigeria has led the researcher to go into this very topic.  Hence the purpose of this  work is to enlighten people  mostly ents in the school of financial ies on how revenue is generated in government problems confronting them as regards revenue generation as well as prospects to the problems.

          However government is expects to use the funds generated in embarking on income earning projects; projects that come under fee or bill charging utilities like portable water electricity construction of market squares.

          However before fund can be generated one must make ways of getting this funds like grants given to government for some purpose by the federal government.  The central government also determines the source extent purpose and maximum dilation for which borrowing is to embark upon by the government and not just going ahead to borrow.

          Local government raise loans to purchase plants and equipment as well as other projects whose costs are too great for them to embark on at a time.

          Furthermore authorities in Nigeria re responsible for the establishment and maintenance of public motor parks bad roads market squares etc.

          It is therefore recommendation for ents in the school of financial ies at all level (who will be opportune to  lay hands on this write up) as a ground for the much needed funds internally generated revenue to facilitate projects execution by government.




          Local government council as third and last tier of government is faced with this primary function of bringing as close as possible the impact of government to people of a particular ity.  Impacts such as government regulatory policies government protected service   government development projects e.g. road net work hospitals school markets pipe borne water etc.

          This primary function of the government has in recent times faced a lot  of set back due to   insufficient revenue emaciating from the councils liability to generate (internal) revenue from the dwellers.  This problem cannot be over- emphasis as it has become a major concern to both he state and federal government   

          In relation to the above stated problem the researcher will be investigating on why and how this problem can be tackled for be tackled for better efficiency of the government.


          This y “Revenue generation in government Areas is considered necessary for various essential reasons.  As a matter of fact since we all know that development of any area depends on the revenue generated.  This revenue generation in government area enables the area to carry out some development project such as electricity water and road construction project etc.


          The inhabitants of the various government areas of the nation (A) will have the course to enjoy the affirmative results to certain extent of all or part of these problems to re3venue generation in government are properly tackled. Hence such myriad of problem of revenue generation which also gives rise to untold hardship will generally be under control or a thing of the past.

          This will become a tool for most government area to a speedy set-up of some strategies which will enable them to generate their revenue easily and as well as executing their project effectively.  This y will be of paramount significance to the society mostly to those ents in school of financial ies (banking & finance) who are making or intending to carry out research in the problems that confront most government in Nigeria on revenue generation.

          This will also give potential market men and women as well as other residence of various government areas to comply with their respective government councils as regards payment of tax rates charges etc.

          Finally it will enable the researcher to have an in-depth knowledge of the y. Therefore the significance of this y is by no virtue exhaustive.


·                    TAXATION: This is one of the ways government generation revenue.  It is a compulsory levy imposed by the government on most of the entire members of the society who are capable of paying tax or who are expected to pay tax.

·                    PERSONAL INCOME:  This is a form of direct tax which is levied on the wages salaries and other earnings of individuals.  In assessing this kind of tax certain allowances (wife children dependent relative allowance etc) are deducted this balance is then taxed to determine this amount to be paid as tax.

·                    LOAN:  loan can be described as financial aid with interest payable. Sometimes government borrow money in from of loans from other bodies like: bank, state government federal (if possible) etc to enable them execute their project when they are in short of fund.  However this loan is payable at a given interest rate over a specified period of time.

·                    RENT & ROYALTY:  these re payment made to the    government body by hose who make use of government  properties such as : Land, building e.t.c

·                    GRANTS: Grants are said to be financial aids without interest.  This implies that grants are forms of gift   granted to government by a body (federal state or any other body without paying back.

·                    CHARGE FINES & FEES: These are among the means of generating revenue by the government they are payments made to government by those who indulge in one activity or the other.  Such fees are: motor licensee fees road /bridge tolls market fees e.t.c 

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