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Production Of Mosquito Repellent Using Orange Peels

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Production Of Mosquito Using Peels



Nearly, all insecticides have the potential to significantly affect ecosystem, many are toxic to human and others are concentrated in food chains. It is necessary to balance agricultural needs with environ and health issues when using insecticides. It is crucially important that all the rural derive in Nigeria are  educated on the need to eradicate insects especially mosquitoes that might breed  in their environment and transmit malaria to people living within the enclave.

If insects becomes a problem despite the measures that must have been taken, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) seeks to control them using the safest possible methods targeting the approach to the particular pest. Years now, effort are geared towards controlling malaria infestation both in urban and rural areas a lot of measures are being take to reduce the number of death as a result of malaria.


Recent ies showed that the smoke generated form burning mosquitoes coil is of certain health concerns. A person being exposed to the smoke coming from the coil may suffer severe headache, nausea and vomiting, the condition will be severe among asthmatic patients.

The emission from one burning coil can be as high as that released from 51 burning cigarettes. This is because of the chemicals found in mosquito coils out of natural ingredients may remove these problems.


The purpose of this work is to produce mosquitoes repellent using orange peels (cestrum) wastes perse, which will save the cost of production and purchase, thereby increasing it’s availability especially in the rural areas.

If the work is successful, production of mosquitoes repellents using orange peels will provide source of employment to our teaming youths.

Also make mosquito repellent within the reach of every body.

Thereby reducing the number of death due to malaria caused by mosquito bite.


The importance of my project work is the producing of a mosquito coil that is not harmful to our health and killing mosquito that are vector carriers of malaria sickness and is environ friendly.


peels (cestrum) will be collected and used for the production of mosquito coil. The produced coil will be tested for effectiveness performance and cost analysis should also be carried out to know if mass production will be encouraged.

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