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This research project attempt to focus on “A survey of the problems of financing small scale industries and possible solutions in some selected industries with in Enugu State the researcher tried to find some testing on the objectives likely to determine if the industries are being managed by trained managers and director who were actually trained on that particular course towards that business they establish.  To ascertain the adequacy of funding the small-scale industries.  To ascertain the size and composition of the industries.

The researcher also tried to find out whether the management and  the staff make effective use of the materials provided for them.

The researcher was able to carry out this research work through thee help of questionnaires observation interview it also seeks to ascertain to what extent industries meet with the information requirements of users in addition there is lack of relevant and adequate information materials in these industrial.  These findings are vividly displayed by the use of tables.

are made on how best to improve the small scale industries and equally suggestions advanced for further establishment and studies. Form the finding of this research it is evident that the small industries in Enugu State are faced with immense problem.

Base on the investigation of this research both management and has to bring out money and finance all this small industries for that will enable them to meet up with the standard.  And also create employment opportunity for our people.




There are many problems that is hindering small-scale business through community banks.  But the main thing we want to study is firstly how small scale business are been financed through community banks the problems and their possible solutions.


The purpose of this study is to investigate into the present economic lives of small scale business with view of identifying the major problems that affect financing of mall scale business bearing in mind that adequate finance stands as an energizer to it's operation. Also to find out how small scale industries obtain finds for their establishment.  Also to find out how community bank finance small scale industries. And lastly the problems facing community banks operation and the solution of to there problem.


Financing small-scale business is necessary because they generate employment.

1.       Employment generation:   It is this point that has led to the creation of the present poverty eradication scheme.  Small-scale business generates employment in the areas of both skilled and unskilled labour.  Many people instead of staying idle have resorted to creation of employment themselves by owning small-scale business.

2.       Increased of manufactured goods:    Many small-scale business have grown to the extent of exporting their products to other countries.

3.       Attract foreign capital:     With the expiration of manufactured goods there is inflow of foreign capital into the country.  With this inflow the business grows and developments leading to increase in the standard of living.

4.       They help in bringing down goods and services nearer to the masses in general and to their customers in particular hence their major problem is money, government should grant them loan through community bank.   

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