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Mechanical engineering s and materials download with seminar work for final year undergraduates and master’s students

Are you a final year student in need of mechanical engineering s and materials? you are on the right page. We have a complete list of mechanical engineering s with good research and complete materials ready for download in or DOC format.

Welcome to Edustore.NG, your number online academic research library in Nigeria. This article will do justice by listing out free s on mechanical engineering and affordable research materials for final year students in NCE, OND, HND, BSC, , MSC, Ph.D.

Free Mechanical Engineering Project & Materials for Final year Students

In our research archive, we have lots of innovative ideas for mechanical engineering projects with premium research papers. And also, best-related research seminar titles and journals for final year students in the mechanical engineering department.

Below is a list of simple mechanical engineering s and research materials documents for students acquiring a degree in the college of education (NCE), National Diploma (ND), Higher National Diploma (HND), and Bachelor of Science (BSC).

Masters and Ph.D. students can also get their thesis and topics on this page. All you need to do is to select your topics below and submit to your supervisor for approval. Then after approval come back for your complete material.


Contents of Mechanical Engineering Project Material Document

Our mechanical engineering s on this website have their complete works and materials and ready for instant download in or MS-Word format. All mechanical engineering s on this website are free and the complete material comes with Chapters 1-5 including the Proposal, Abstract, Introduction, , Data Analysis and Presentation, Conclusion, Recommendation, References/Bibliography, Questionnaires.

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List of Free Mechanical Engineering Project & Research Materials Performance evaluation of different materials as chills in sand casting of aluminium alloyOptimum main equipment replacement time for the power plant in the port harcourt refineryOptimising patients flow and resources utilisation in the out-patient department of a public hospital a case study of yusuf dantsoho memorial hopital kadunaModern washing machine, principles of operation and maintenanceUp-grading of agbado-okudu iron ore using magnetic separation and shaking table techniquesThe effects of pressure on the mechanical properties and microstructure of die cast aluminum alloysThe effect of weight percentage of silicon carbideThe effect of chromium and manganese on the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of al-si-fe alloy in 0.5m hcl solutionThe application of statistical quality control technique in food and beverage industry a case study of habila food and breverages nigeria ltd- kanoSuitability assessment of kurumu, garin-maiganga, gindiakwati and ogboyoba coal deposit properties for power generationSimulation, development and performance evaluation of a solar/gas hybrid powered absorption air — conditioning systemRoute optimization of municipal management (case study of minna metropolis)Production and performance evaluation of biodiesel from hibiscus sabdariffa and hibiscus surattensisPotentials of extracts of african star apple and cock’s comb leaves as corrosion inhibitors formedium carbon low alloy steel in acidic mediaPerformance evaluation of a gas turbine power plant using compressor online and offline water washing techniques (a case study of sapele power station delta state)Optimization of mix ratio and evaluation of thermophysical properties on the product quality of composite wheat — cassava — soy flour breadNnamdi azikiwe university, awka faculty of engineering department of mechanical engineering modeling and evaluation of a passive flat-plate solar collectorModelling procedure for testing the efficiency of the different concepts and strategies of supply chain managementModelling and simulation of biodiesel blends performance in compression ignition enginesMicrostructure and mechanical properties of epoxy — rice husk ash compositeMechanical properties 0f an aluminium or siliconMeasurement and evaluation of the performance properties of selected locally produced lubricants (engine oil)Manufacturing strategies for the cassava industry in nigeriaInvestigation of mechanical properties of zeolite-y and zsm-5 catalysts synthesized from locally available claysIntegration of atomizer into economizer system in petrol enginesImprovement of the performance of thermal power systems through energy and exergy analysisHeat and mass transfer analysis of a gari frying machineFracture mechanics of glass fibre reinforced polyester composites (gfrp) subjected to impact loadFailure evaluation of engineering projects in nigeria (a case study of pipeline and product marketing company limited, a subsidiary of nigerian national petroleum corporation)Exergetic efficiency of passive solar air heater with phase change energy storage materialEvaluation of the mechanical properties of polypropylene/calcium carbonate nanocomposite at various creep conditionsEvaluation of mechanical and corrosion properties of mild steel in some environments inhibited by african locust beans tree (parkia biglobosa) extractsEnergy benchmarking and carbon footprint reduction opportunities in portland cement manufacturing processes in nigeria.Effects of gas metal arc welding parameters on the mechanical and corrosion behaviour of austenitic stainless steel in some environmentsEffect of faulty design and construction on building maintenance (case study of afdin and mother cat construction companies in kaduna state)Dynamic modeling of machinery replacement problemsDevelopment of environmentally friendly biodegradable cutting fluid from soya beans (glycine max)Development of automobile disk brake pads using eco-friendly periwinkle shell and fan palm shell materialsDevelopment and performance evaluation of an agitated quenching tank/bathDetermination of the state of stress between adhesively bonded single lap-joints.Design, simulation, construction and performance evaluation of a solar ovenDesign, simulation, construction and performance comparison of mixed-mode solar crop dryers with and without thermal storageDesign, development and performance evaluation of a multiple sandcrete blocks moulding machineDesign, construction and testing of an outward radial-flow reaction water turbineDesign, construction and testing of a zeolite-water solar adsorption refrigeratorDesign, construction and testing of a charcoal fired crucible furnace for melting of 10kg of aluminumDesign, construction and test of a passive solar tracking deviceDesign, construction and performance evaluation of cassava pelleting machineDesign, construction and performance evaluation of a fixed bed pyrolysis systemDesign of water supply (cold and hot) system of a three bedroom bungalow with adequate pressureDesign of an efficient management and disposal scheduling system: a case study of enugu metropolis.Design and implementation of automated motor vehicle driving licensing systemDesign and construction of journal bearing demonstration rigDesign and construction of a two-wheel motorized scooterDesign and construction of a spin dryerDesign and construction of a cassava grating machineConstruction of equipment for deodorizing keroseneConstruction of a standard baking oven (mini-oven) with dual power source (electric/gas)Comparative study of different honeycomb geometries for the suppression of convective heat transfer in flat plate solar collectorsCement manufacturing /production in nigeria. A case study of edo cement factory, ukpilla, edo state.Automobile motor vehicle constructionAssessment of oil spillage and its control in the oil and gas industry in nigeriaApplication of network analysis to life breweries limited onitsha for time and cost.Analysis of an automatic control system for online blending of petrol with corrosion inhibitor in the direct continuous electronic fuel injection automobile engineAn assessment of the performance and maintenance culture of the ahmadu bello university, samaru, zaria water treatment plantModelling and optimization of pid controller’s parameters for deep space antenna positioning system using genetic algorithmMechanical properties of spider’s cobwebsMechanical and corrossion behaviour of low carbon steelin crude oil inhibited by some extracts of acacia nilotica (gum arabic tree) plant.Manufacturing system optimization: a study of unity and efficiency in production (uep) in peugeot automobile nigeria (pan)Investigation of the thermal properties of wood ash and clay-sawdust mixture for use as insulation materials in a rocket stoveInvestigation into electrical energy consumption in abu samaru zariaInfluence of compression ratio on the performance characteristics of a spark ignition engineHuman immunodeficiency virus (hiv)-blood interactions: surface thermodynamics approachFracture response and cumulative damage of e-glass fiber reinforced composite under tensile and flexural stresses.Finite element model for predicting residual stresses in shielded metal arc welding of mild steel platesExperimental investigation of effect of water adsortion/entrapment on residual thermal stresses during cure of polymer compositesEvaluation of viability of a crude oil reservoir using petrophysical parameters (a case study of agbara oil well reservoir in the niger-delta basin)Evaluation of rail transportation for petroleum products delivery in nigeriaEvaluation of levelised cost of electricity generated from hot spring geothermal resources in nigeria: a case study of rafin reewa hot spring, lere local of kaduna stateEnergy benchmarking and carbon footprint reduction opportunities in portland cement manufacturing processes in nigeriaEffects of process parameters on tensile strength of coconut fibre reinforced cashew nut shell liquid (cnsl) resin compositesEffective training as a tool for improving building services in engineering practice (a case study of aldeen associates)Economic viability of a small hydropower plant at onuaku river, abia state nigeriaDevelopment of metal matrix/coconut shell ash particulate composites for automotive applicationDevelopment of conceptual models for plants and equipment procurement in tertiary institutions in kaduna stateDevelopment of a tray dryerDevelopment and characterization of recycled high density polyethylene (rhdpe)/natural fibre compositesDesign, simulation, construction and performance evaluation of a thermosyphon solar water heaterDesign, simulation, construction and performance evaluation of a solar box cookerDesign, simulation ,construction and testing of a thermosyphon solar water heater for a block in postgraduate hostel in ahmadu bello university, zariaDesign, development and performance evaluation of a fruit juice extraction machineDesign, construction and testing of an improved casting pouring ladleDesign, construction and testing of a fluidised bed combustion boiler for energy productionDesign, construction and testing of a 130w wind-powered air compressor system for operation in zaria, nigeriaDesign, construction and simulation of maize cobs fluidized bed combustorDesign, construction and performance evaluation of a liquified petroleum gas incubatorDesign, construction and experimental evaluation of the products of a low cost briquette machine for rural communities in nigeriaDesign of melon de-husking and separation machineDesign and thermal analysis of a small-scale municipala -fired steam boilerDesign and fabrication of electrical motorized bicycle wheelchairDesign and construction of biogas plantDesign and construction of an improved multipurpose irrigatorDesign and construction of a starter mechanise for application in a two-stroke engineDesign and construction of a paint mixerCriticality multi-modelling and simulation of spare parts inventory controlConstruction of cellophane sealing machineConstruction of a screw conveyor with a single phase electric motorComputer application for determination of space cooling loadsCharacterisation of some nigerian coals for power generationComputational fluid dynamics (c fd modeling of turbulence induced drag in vehicle aerodynamicsAssessment of the impact of power outages on commercial consumers (a case study of coldrooms consumers at trans-amadi area, port- harcort)Assessment of oil extracts from tiger nut(cyperus esculentus), water melon (citrullus vulgaris) andneem seeds (azadirachta indica) as cutting fluids in drilling operation of mild steelApplication of just-in-time technique of total quality management in oil flow stationsAn evaluation of the potentials of natural gas in the economic development of nigeriaA stochastic linear programming approach for the production, distribution and inventory systems of the nigerian bottling company (nbc) : a case study of the north-western zone of nigeriaConstruction of steel frame drawing desk


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