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How Possible is it to Overcome Addictions? Helpful Tips

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How to Overcome Addictions

Addiction can be any action that has become compulsive, an obsession or something that you involve in or do that is out of your control to stop. When a particular habit becomes so compulsive, uncontrollable and looking as if it going to take over your life, then addiction has set in. One thing you need to understand when addiction sets in is that at that point the victim is no longer in control of whether he/she involves in the thing or not, the pattern of the habit seem to be so set and the body, the mind seem to be so used to that habit that it becomes difficult to stop. Addiction can have to do with various things, a person could be addicted to cigarette, could be addicted to hard drugs, sex, , name it, you could even get obsessed with a person, maybe someone of the opposite sex. It is better to handle addiction early enough when it is probably not so rigid. How possible is it to overcome addictions? If you think you are getting addicted to something or it is so obvious you are already addicted, then you must be fast enough to take necessary steps to rescue yourself from the evil grip of addiction. Below are possible measures to take in handling addiction.

Recognise and accept the addiction

Self-deception is a very bad thing, you could save yourself a lot of trouble by recognising early and acknowledging it when you are becoming addicted to something. If people point out your addiction to you, be humble and receptive enough to actually consider if there is truth in what they are saying and if you discover it is true, then acknowledge it and be ready to take necessary measures quickly so you do not become badly addicted. As good as cellphones are considering their usefulness, getting addicted to them is not good. So there could be some good things which you are good to do, but not get addicted to, let alone things that are seriously dangerous like hard drugs. You have to recognise what it is you are getting addicted to, know how intense the addiction is and be ready to take necessary measures to overcome the addiction.

Identify the triggers

In trying to overcome an addiction, one of the important things you need to do is to identify the triggers for that particular thing you are addicted to. What place could you be that could stir the urge for that thing? What events or experiences could make you long for the cigar or whatever the object of your addiction is? You should be very careful to trace and recognise all the possible triggers associated with your addiction whatever they are, and try as much as possible to avoid those triggers. If you keep going to the place that arouses you towards the object of your addiction, then you are only setting yourself up for another round of falling into the bad habit. So what to do is to distance yourself from anything or anyone that can serve as a trigger in that sense. Rid your environment of anything that can serve to remind you of your object of addiction or draw you towards it.

Let it fade

When the urge comes for you to do that thing again and go towards your addiction, another way is not to fight it, but also not succumb to it. You can just let the urge be for the while without yielding to it, having in mind that it will subside and fade.

Believe that you can overcome it

There is a way addiction makes you feel, it is as though you cannot overcome it, and that it is beyond what you can control or stop, but you must not accept that lie, believe that you can actually do without that object of your addiction. You should then go on to really take the necessary measures to conquer your addiction, whatever it is.  And please do not give up if you are trying and it is failing or the process of recovery seem slow. Just take it gradually, keep working at it. If you do not believe you can conquer your addiction, then how are you going to have the inner strength to really prove it practically by saying and acting ‘no' to that urge?

Read about victims who conquered addiction

You know there's a way true stories can help us deal with situations in our own personal lives. You could decide to read about people who had issues of addiction of one form or the other, read their victory stories and get yourself to see that you can also overcome yours no matter how difficult that might seem. If other people had overcome the addiction, then you can as well. You could even try to look at what those who fought and won the battle with their addictions did that can be in your case as well. Yes, learn about addicts who overcame and get yourself motivated towards your own freedom too.

Do not excuse your addictions

Whatever your addiction is, once it is bad, do not give excuses for it. If you keep giving yourself good reasons for doing something bad and you do not tell yourself the bitter truth that it is simply bad and could be disgraceful and even turn you to an irresponsible person, then you are not doing yourself good. Do not accept excuses or reasons that could keep you comfortable in addiction.

Think about it seriously

Ask yourself if you would like the feeling and guilt if you give in to the urge towards the addiction again.

Think about the consequences of your actions and habit of often yielding to your addiction. What things could the addiction cause you to lose if you do not deal with it as fast as possible? How is it spoiling your life? Do you really want that? Take some deep thought and see why it is very important for you to get off the hook of that addiction.


You will need to use the replacement strategy. Ask yourself what need it is that your addiction seems to meet. There is likely to be a fundamental need you have, that makes you always turn your object of addiction for some kind of ‘comfort'. Identify that need and seek out a good replacement that can also satisfy that need to a good extent.

Meet a professional

It might be that you are not even the one who is struggling with addiction, it might be a loved one who is in such condition. If necessary, you could help them meet with a professional counsellor who can really help them.

Use support

You do not need to go through the process of overcoming addiction alone. Get support from family members or friends. When you have support, they can well serve to encourage you on your journey towards freedom from your addiction.

At whatever level the addiction you are struggling with is presently, you can begin from now to work towards your freedom from it. You need to desire to be , yes, you are somehow attached to it and it may feel almost impossible to overcome, but you have to believe you can conquer it and begin to take conscious steps toward conquering your addiction.

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