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Fine arts  project and materials PDF download with seminar work for final year undergraduates and master's students

Are you a final year student in need of fine arts project topics and materials? you are on the right page. We have a complete list of fine arts project topics with good research and complete materials ready for download in PDF or DOC format.

Welcome to Edustore.NG, your number online academic research library in Nigeria. This article will do justice by listing out free project topics on fine arts and affordable research materials for final year students in NCE, OND, HND, BSC, PGDE, MSC, Ph.D.

In our research archive, we have lots of innovative ideas for fine arts projects with premium research papers in graphics, painting, sculpture e.t.c. And also, best-related research seminar titles and journals for final year students in the fine arts .

Below is a list of best fine art project topics and research materials PDF documents for students acquiring a degree in the college of education (NCE), National Diploma (ND), Higher National Diploma (HND), and Bachelor of Science (BSC).

Masters and Ph.D. students can also get their thesis and dissertation topics on this page. All you need to do is to select your topics below and submit to your supervisor for approval. Then after approval come back for your complete material.

Contents of Fine Arts Project Material PDF Document

Our fine arts project topics on this website have their complete works and materials and ready for instant download in PDF or MS-Word format. All fine arts project topics on this website are free and the complete material comes with Chapters 1-5 including the Proposal, Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Data Analysis and , Conclusion, Recommendation, /Bibliography, Questionnaires.

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List of Free Fine Arts Project Topics and Research Materials PDFHistorical Analysis Of Academic Programme Of Department Of Fine And Applied Arts In Umar Suleiman College Of Education Gashua Inception (1987-2017)Exploring The Guitar Form For The Production Of SculptureExploratory Study Of The Charcoal Market In Painting Using A Restricted PaletteExploration Of Selected Frogs‟ Colour Patterns In PaintingEvaluation Of The Contributions Of The National Council For Arts And Culture To Natioal DevelopmentDevelopment Of Shere Village Forms In Painting: A Transformation From Realism To MinimalismDevelopment Of Sculpture Forfunctionality: An Exploration With Terracotta In The LandscapeCreation Of Utilitarian Sculptures Derived From Fish FormsCreating Sculptural Forms Inspired By The Ijele MasqueradeCreating Aesthetics In Painting Using DoodlesContextualisation Of Potholes On Nigerian Roads In PaintingComparative study of the effects of montessori and free activity methods of teaching creative arts to primary children in zaria, nigeria.Branding And Corporate Identity A Studio Exploration Of National Veterinary Research Institute Vom Plateau State NigeriaAvailability And Adequacy Of Art Teachers In Junior Secondary Schools In Abuja Municipal Area Council, NigeriaArt Professionalism, Shifting Identities And Creative Correspondences In The Works Of Obiora UdechukwuAn Investigation Of Pre-Nce And Direct Entry Requirements Into Fine And Applied Arts Department In Colleges Of Education In Yobe And Bauchi States, NigeriaAn Investigation Of Art Teaching On The Affective And Cognitive Development Of Secondary School Students In Lafia Nasarawa State, NigeriaAn Exploration Of The Female Facial Form In Painting Through Automatism TechniqueAn Examinationof Traditional Mural Art Of The ObingwaAn Evaluation Of Home And School Environments On The Artistic Creativity Of Primary School Children, In Kaduna StateAn Appraisal Of Yohanna Datiri's Ceramics From 2006 To 2016An Appraisal Of Ayo Aina's Installation ArtAn Analysis Of Unconventional Materials Used For Art Expression By Nine (9) Selected Nigerian ArtistsAdapting Some Selected Motifs Of Zaria Wall Decorations For Ceramic Tile Designs And ProductionAdaptation Of Traditional Designs On Crafts Of Southern Kaduna As Motifs For Textiles Resist TechniquesAdaptation Of The Dagi Motif For PaintingAdaptation Of Ham Traditional Designs As Sources Of Motifs For Fabric And Apparelembellishment Using BatikAdaptation Of Dagauda Pottery Into Contemporary Ceramics: A Study Of Forms And FunctionsA Survey Of The Availability And Use Of Instructional Materials For Art Teaching In Four Colleges Of Education In Kaduna And Plateau States, NigeriaA Survey Of Entreprenuership Education In Three Colleges Of Education In NigeriaA Study Of Teachers' Assessment Of Children's Creative Art Works In Some Primary Schools In Kaduna StateA Study Of Mwaghavul Festival Costumes In Plateau StateA Metaphoric Transformation Of The Pawpaw Tree Into Female Forms In PaintingA Dialogue Between Lines And Floral Motifs In PaintingA Contextual Analysis Of Selected Artifacts In The Niger State MuseumTranslation Of Pointillists' Expressions Into SculptureThe Socio-Political Cartoons Of Mooyiwa Adetula And Akila Jibrin In National Dailies Of Nigeria 2007-2014The Effects Of The Socratic Method On Students Art Performances In Secondary Schools In Kaduna- NigeriaThe Development Of Cornstalk As A Medium Of PaintingThe Aesthetics Of Arabic Calligraphic Embellishment Of Mosques In Kano, NigeriaSourcing And Use Of Clay Among Selected Junior Secondary School Students In ZariaRelationship Between Theory And Practice Of Teaching Fine Arts In Secondary Schools In Kano StateRe-Branding Royco Brand Of Food SeasoningSynthesising Indegenious Motifs And Ideas In Video Art: A Study Of Uli And Nsibidi MotifsPainterly Images And Imageries From The Tiv Swange Dance StepsNigerian Curatorship And The Exhibition Of Contemporary African Art WorksNature And Nurture Interaction In Artistic Development And Appreciation Among Arts Students Of Universities In South East, NigeriaImplementation Problems Of Secondary School Arts Curriculum In Fine Arts, In Benue State, NigeriaHistorical-Analysis-Of-Academic-Programme-Of-Department-Of-Fine-And-Applied-Arts-In-Umar-Suleiman-College-Of-Education-Gashua-InceptionHarnessing Flowers For Sculptural PossibilitiesExploring The Aesthetic Qualities Of Textures In Painting From Selected Tree BarksExploration Of Snake Motifs In PaintingEvaluation Of Undergraduate Sculpture Curriculum In Selected Nigerian UniversitiesEvaluation Of Portfolio Assessment In Selected Courses Of The Of Environmental Design, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, NigeriaDevelopment Of Sculpture With Organic Forms: An Exploration With Calabash For The Exterior SpaceDeveloping Painting Possibilities From Kambari Patterns And MotifsCreation Of Play Sculptures Using Gourd Fruit FormsCreating Forms In Sculpture Inspired By Elebo MasksCostumes, Colours And Symbols As Seen In Ozubulu Chieftaincy Coronation Title In Ekwusigo Local Government AreaContextual Analysis Of Selected Art Works On Peace And Conflict Resolution In Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. 2005 – 2015.An Exploration Of Vwana Costumes For Sculptural Decorative ColumnsAn Exammination Of Factors Affecting Students' Behaviour In Cultural And Creative Arts In Junior Secondary Schoolsin Nasarawa State, Nigeria.An Evaluation Of The Teaching Of Arts And Crafts In Special Schools In Jigawa, Kaduna And Kano States-NigeriaAn Evaluation Of Decorated Traditional Cloth Used In Tiv Cultural Activities In Benue State, NigeriaAn Appraisal Of Cultural Festival Of Afizere (Jarawa) Of Jos East Plateau State, NigeriaAn Appraisal Of Atyap Performing Arts Of Zangon Kataf Kaduna State, Nigeria (1950 – 2013)An Adaptation Of Enugu-Ngwo Maiden Mask Forms For Sculptural Totem PolesAdapting International System Of Typographic And Picture Education (Isotype) Way-Finding Design In The Jos MetropolisAdaptation Of The Frontal View Of Church Altar Fabric Dressing Into PaintingAdaptation Of Nigerian Handcraft Woven And Printed Fabrics For Apparel Production And Fashion AppreciationAdaptation Of Ham Traditional Designs As Sources Of Motifs For Fabric And Apparel Embellishment Using BatikAdaptation Of Banknote Security Features On Some Ahmadu Bello University Sensitive Documents For Protection Against CounterfeitingA Survey Of Styles And Functions Of Kano Ancient City Wall And GatesA STUDY OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN GENDER AND PREFERRED CONTENT IN PUPIL'S DRAWING AMONG SELECTED PRIMARY SCHOOL PUPILS IN ZARIA METROPOLIS.A Study Of Rock Paintings In Bauchi And Jigawa StatesA Metaphorical Exploration Of Forms In Sculpture Using ‘Readymade Food VesselsA Historical Survey Of The Ebira Chao Masking And Masquerade TraditionsA Contextual Study Of Visual Art Progammes For Children At The National Gallery Of ArtA Contextual Analysis Of Muyideen Adio Jaji's Stunted SculpturesCartoon A Factor Of Nigeria's Social HistoryBalance And Stability In The Exploration Of Equestrian Forms With Charcoal In SculptureAssessment Of The Relevance Of Universal Basic Education [Ube] Weaving Programme To Youth Empowerment In Imo State.Appraisal Of The Effectiveness Of Museums And Galleries In The Promotion Of Art Education In South-South Nigeria, 2003-2013An Investigation Of Computer Application To Painting In NigeriaTHE SACRED FORM OF AKPU: AN OUT-DOOR DIRECT CEMENT SCULPTURE SPECIAL PROJECT


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In Conclusion

Our fine arts project topics PDF has its complete materials ready for instant download. In conclusion, we have listed above the best topic in fine arts.

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Whatever degree you are acquiring in any school, we have listed above, complete fine arts project topics and PDF research materials document for instant downloads. Good luck.


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