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1.1 Background of the Study

Communication occurs in all human relationships. Nothing in business can be accomplished without good communication with employers, employees, clients, suppliers, and customers. When you look at the world’s most successful businesspeople, you will notice that they have mastered the art of communication.
Today’s business environment is extremely difficult all around the world.

To be successful in the very tough and competitive global market economy, all production factors (i.e. men, machines, and materials) must be controlled wisely. Human resources are the most difficult factor to manage among the variables of production since, unlike inputs, employee management necessitates skilled manipulation of thoughts, sentiments, and emotions in order to achieve maximum output. Effective organizational communication is critical in this situation.

Organizational communication is a medium for the transfer of information, resources, and even policy, so it has a significant impact. “ Organizational communication can be roughly described as communication among members of an organization.

In the context of s, effective communication refers to the key action plans that organizations utilize to fulfill their mission and goals. iness organizations are concerned with viability and profitability. The first prerequisite of the organizational spirit is high performance standards for both growth and individuals inside the organization.

A successful organization is usually a well-run business. Understanding management strategy, organizational policy, and effectiveness is more difficult than some people believe. It is necessary to properly evaluate an organization’s position, whether the established plan is performing well, and if not, why and how should we proceed.

To summarize, the art of communication cannot be overstated in any human organization; it is the way through which individuals engage and collaborate with one another. Communication, like the bloodstream of a person, represents the bloodstream of an organization. This suggests that in an organization, nothing can be accomplished without excellent communication.

Communication skills are essential in all aspects of human activity, including business. Even though communication skills are critical to workplace success, many people find that they have reached a limit in their communication abilities and have hit a stumbling block in their advancement. They may fail to accurately explain their thoughts and ideals at times, making it difficult for them to attain their full potential as a communicator, manager, and leader of others.

1.2 Problem Description

Organizational communication study has primarily been undertaken in the fields of corporate management and communication; however, public administration academics have supplied little understanding about organizational communication and its functions and impacts. (Eunju, 2009).

Several studies highlight the importance of effective communication in improving organizational outcomes (Garnelt, Marlowe, & Pandey, 2008; Pandey & Garnelt, 2006). Communication has an impact on people’s perceptions and beliefs about individuals, communities, organizations, governments, and even society.

Communication is widely used as a managerial tool to convey information with members, coordinate operations, remove superfluous administrative obligations and restrictions, and ultimately improve organizational performance (Eunju, 2009).

There has been little or no research on the effect or relationship between effective communication and organizational success, necessitating the need for this study to investigate the symbiotic relationship between effective communication and organizational success in Port Harcourt manufacturing firms.

1.3 The Study’s Objectives

The purpose of this research is to investigate the relationship between communication and organizational effectiveness. In more precise words, the study aims to:

To investigate the connection between information senders and organizational effectiveness.

To investigate the link between information conduits and organizational success.

To investigate the relationship between information medium and organizational performance.

1.5 Hypothesis Statement

This study will benefit from the following research hypothesis:

HO1: There is no statistically significant link between information senders and organizational effectiveness.

HO2: There is no statistically significant link between information channels and organizational success.

HO3: There is no statistically significant association between information medium and organizational success.

This research is significant because it will introduce students and other academics to the notion and concepts of effective communication, as well as its impact on organizational success. This research will also help business managers and other corporate bodies understand the effects of successful communication and the best method to align themselves with the best interests of the corporation. It will also be beneficial to other researchers and the general public.


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1.7 Study Scope/s

This study’s contextual focus is to investigate the relationship between good communication and organizational success. Geographically, the scope of the study is limited to chosen manufacturing enterprises in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

The study’s main disadvantage is the short time frame for research, combined with the tight academic timetable, which prohibited a highly detailed study. The researcher’s funding was likewise limited, therefore the study was limited to a tiny percentage of the survey sample.

Another constraint is the researcher’s difficulty in getting all necessary information and resources from the appropriate source and compiling data for the study.




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