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Design and Implementation of Online Disaster Report Management System

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Design and Implementation of Online Disaster Report ement System (A Case Study of Sokoto State Fire Service)
Disaster Organizations has an increasing need for an online report management system as the desire for reliable, accessibility of information and generate report easily. Most disasters organization generate report of disasters manually. Report of disaster in Sokoto State fire service are being carried out manually since the beginning of the organization. This method is also dominant in other disasters organization. Therefore, with the growing of modern computer technology, disasters management organizations need to embrace the technology in order to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in carrying out their activities.
TITLE PCERTIFICATIEDICATIONACMENTABSTRACTTABLE OF CONTENTSCHAPTER ONE ( INTRODUCTION)1.0 Background of the study1.1 of the problems1.2 Aim and Objective of the Study1.3 Significance of the study1.4 Scope of the Study1.5 Limitation of the Study61.6 Organization of the study1.7 Definition of some termsCHAPTER TWO (LITERATURE REVIEW)2.0 Introduction2.1 Review of the related literature2.2 Review of the related system2.3 Review of the related tools2.4 Justification of the studyCHAPTER THREE (ANALYSIS OF THE EXISTING SYSTEM)3.0 Introduction3.1 Method of the system analysis3.2 Analysis of the input3.3 Analysis of the system procedure3.4 Analysis of the output3.5 File maintained3.6 Human elementsCHAPTER FOUR (NEW SYSTEM )74.0 Introduction4.1 New input requirements4.2 New system procedure4.3 New output requirements4.4 Files to be Maintained4.5 Equipment Requirement4.6 Human elements4.7 gram specification4.8 gram testingCHAPTER FIVE (CONCLUSION)5.1 Summary5.2 Conclusion5.3 RecommendationReferencesAppendices
Online disaster report and management system is a web based application that enables organization to observe, analyze, and store information of disasters. The system is ally design to benefit modern technology to standardize, organize and manage the data and information about fire disasters. Most of the fire service stations in this century most especially our case study, their current system of storing information is not a computerize system all their works are done manually. In the current work is very difficult, because each and every record is writing into a book, deletion, changes etc. so this research work is carried out in other to realize this, it aims at making it possible to reach the data quickly during and after a disaster. The frequency and therefore the risk of the last decades, parallel to and generated by the development of communities with the advancement of human civilization, fire disaster has been a prime concern. Therefore, with the growing of modern computer technology, fire service stations most especially Sokoto state fire service as (case study) needs to embrace and properly utilize this technology in order to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in their activities.
There are excessive amount of problems militating against effective prompt service delivery of fire service and safety management. As it has being observed that the conventional method used in preparing and managing disaster report has resulted to the following problems;
 Inability to access disaster report anytime and anywhere
 Time consuming and costly to produce reports
 Records are usually hard to retrieve and there is usually cases where records are lost due to carelessness and misplace of files.
 Lack of effectiveness in manual method of record keeping.
The aim of the study is to design and implement a web base application for sokoto state fire service.The objectives of this study can be simplified as follows;
 To design and implement a web base system to be easy to access at anytime they want any report
 To design and implement a web base system to provide adequate security for their document
 To design and implement a web base system that will totally reduce paper work and produce database to keep their works intact.
 Timely and quality report to managers for decisions making.
 To monitor and observe the current status of environment through the report generated.

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