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In recent years more especially personnel system has continued to find a means by which the manual method of recording or processing personnel system can be converted to computer processing method.  Concept of computerized system had been instruments for the achieve of individual and groups goal or objective.

However, computerization is beset with many problems which affect its level of operation, it is based on the fact that authors in system analysis information media labour themselves to write about computerization personnel system and taking in consideration in order to bringing a successful input or output of the information system into existence, how to increase efficiency and effectiveness of result and how to eliminate many problems associated with the manual method of data processing.

Therefore, without doubt it can be proved boldly that computerized information system relief the personnel managers of all those time consuming routine task which otherwise weigh the department down while at the same time realizing the true productive role of personnel in modern day business industries etc.

The research work is carried out to computerize the personnel information system.  The expected computerized system arrived at in this work aim at the problem, needs requirements and specification.  Therefore there work is done as to study in whole what are the causes of all these problems and in particular to develop a personnel system in the case study.

Finally, the recommendation shows that if computers used in carrying out the job of personnel system it would be successful and easier to compile.


This research work is carried out to design or rather computerized the personnel, information system the expected computerized system arrived at in the ending of this work after critical study are Made of what are the problems needs requirements and specification of I.M.T.


It is not uncommon for system so developed to one serious problem after they have been installed, thus they require expensive modifications.  In short the method used for developing most system is often both inefficient and ineffective.

Traditionally management succession planning depend either on the grapevine on personnel executives coming through substantial numbers of manually held records hold in office flat files.  All the data about employee are kept and recorded by hand.  It is t be noted here that much more time will be consumed using these methods where large members of staff are involved, in most cases employee are found to have different issue with the personnel department, a worker may want to discuss with the department based on salary advance loan, and annual leave so on, thus, it will be seen that going through the cabinet and checking for the records of staff in their respective file will be very tedious and consume a lot of time.

Without doubt it can be proved boldly that computerized information system relief the personnel managers of all those time consuming routine tasks case study which otherwise weigh the department down while at the same time realize the true productive role of personnel system in modern day business industries and public service.

Therefore, there is need to establish a research to study.  In whole what are the causes of all these problems.  Develop a personnel information system for the case study.  

Not only that will enable results to be obtained from the system as soon as possible, the lapse and reasons for this will be addressed.


This study to a large extent will influence the existing system of operation.  A critical analysis of the present mode will be made and factors affecting it determined.

The aims and objectives of this study cannot be over emphasized as its usefulness will cut a cross the entire department in institution of management and Technology Enugu.

All activities carried out by the entire department and tailored towards the proper functioning of the personnel system.

In other words, the proposed system to be arrival at as the output of the study will among other aid in the following.

i Storage of large volume data with ease retrieval 

ii Generation of variable number of reports.

Iii Major assistance in decision making in I.M.T.


The project scope is based on institute of management and Technology (I.M.T.) aids its research is to the personnel management as practical in the case study.  Further more some of the principle adopted in this study would be useful to any establishment encountered with the same kind of problems in handling their respective personnel management information system.


Actually, the scope of this study were limited to most parts of the work due to short time and also lack of some vital information from my case study.

However, with some resources available, which was gotten from groups and individuals that in one way or the other have been affected by the same study. This individual include mainly staffs and workers of IMT made the research quites complex and enormous a lot of set backs were encountered mostly the limited time that I had.


For the avoidance of ambiguity and in order to guide against misconception of ideas, it is necessary to define some concept in the research.

: This checking recording and keeping the data fo employees in an organization.  It also deals with the salary advance, loans and annual leave of a employee and management of the organization.

COPUTER: This is an electronic machine which is capable of accepting information as input and process it then gives output data.

SOFTWARE: This is the inner components of computer capable of doing all the spiritual work in a system Example storing, retrieval processing.

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