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Best Tips: How to Write a Good Essay?

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Best s: How to Write a ?



How to Write a ?

Writing essays is a common struggle that students share. Even if you enjoy the research and the writing, this task can still be challenging. You might not have the time, don’t like the topic, or do not feel like spending hours writing another essay.

Thankfully, there are things that can make this less overwhelming and help you finish it faster. Here are some excellent tricks for essay writing.

1. Always, Always Have an Outline

An outline is not a waste of time like some student’s thing. The few minutes you will spend outlining the essay will save you a lot of time when you write and edit it. Not to mention, they’ll make the process run more smoothly and you won’t have to revise as much as you would if you go into it blindly.

2. Remember That the is Just a Story

You’ll write many essays while in school and they’ll have one thing in common – they’ll all be some kind of a story. This means that you should look at the task as a way to tell your story, your opinion, prove something to others, and simply entertain them. If you view it as a story, you’ll be more motivated to write it.

Best tips on how to write a good essay

3. Find Help when Needed

There’s absolutely no reason why you should spend a sleepless night because of an essay deadline. Sure, a good student organizes their time properly. However, it often happens that you cannot fit everything in your schedule.

If you need some time off, cannot write an essay, or hate the topic, don’t hesitate to ask for help. You could find someone to write me an essay and have them handle this one essay you need so that you can sleep through the night, go out with friends, or have some time for yourself.

4. Elevator-Pitch Your Idea

The introduction has the goal of introducing the idea, but if you want the reader to like the essay, you need to impress them from the start. Everything depends on the first impression. Therefore, view your essay introduction as an elevator pitch. Condense your idea in a snappy, short introduction and work from there. This is a technique used in the business world by people who try to make a sale, but it’s also a great way to write a short introduction for your papers.

5. Write Five Original Sentences

It’s as simple as this. In an essay, you have five main sentences around which you’ll write the rest of the content. If you find it hard to start or run with your idea, sit down and write five sentences. These should include your thesis i.e. introduction idea, three ideas you’ll include in your body paragraphs, and the final thoughts you want the reader to take with them when they finish reading.

When you have these, you can fill in the rest by using your outline.

6. on the Sources

The more sources you go through and show in your essay, the better grades you’ll get. This is an excellent technique that is bound to impress the instructor. Instead of focusing too hard on planning, put most of your efforts into doing research.

Keep in mind that the idea here isn’t to use just any sources to make the paper source heavy. You need reliable, relevant sources only.

7. Leave the Introduction for Later

Introductions are often the cause of headaches for students. They are hard to write because you need to summarize the entire paper before you even begin writing it. That being said, many students skip this part and focus on the body and maybe even the conclusion first. When you have written the paper, you’ll have a better idea of how to introduce it.

8. Play with It

There’s no reason why you should write the paper from start to finish right away. The instructor sees the final version, so if an idea pops into your head before it is time for you to write it, skip the part you’re working on and focus on it.

Don’t even think of the grammar, punctuation, or the order of things. Just go with the flow. You’ll have to edit and proofread your paper afterward, anyways.


s are assigned for many educational reasons. They’ll help you learn things, develop your research skills, help you write better, make your arguments, etc. However, good essay writing takes practice – and some great tricks. These eight tips are an excellent way to improve your essay writing.

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Vendy Adams is an expert academic writer who works for a custom paper . She also creates blogs about linguistics and teaching. Vendy holds a PhD degree in English literature and has a vast experience in the educational field having been a professor for 3 s before she became a writer.


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Best s: How to Write a ?


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