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In recent years, government organizations, particularly tertiary institutions, have frequently encountered issues as a result of the country’s economic situation and human weakness. Some of the issues are as follows:

Accounting system that is insufficient

Deliberate refusal to provide vital information under the guise of unavailability or confidentiality, and

The internal audit department was not recognized. All of this occurred in the absence of adequate internal control and a good accounting system. This project will reveal a lot about the structure and significance of the above title in the federal (Technical) Akoka.

The research looked into the ownership structure, funding source, proper bookkeeping, and the competence of staff in the bursary and internal audit unit. As a result, this project has been launched in order to determine the root causes of some of the problems encountered by the internal audit unit and to offer solutions based on the findings. Finally, some useful recommendations are made to improve the performance of staff in the internal audit unit department.




In Nigeria, business education programs are part of the overall educational program.

Coordination of efforts by business education, school administration, and guidance counselors has resulted in the necessary changes. High-quality products have been created. However, today’s students should carefully examine both the academic and vocational aspects of the current program.


The methods used to influence students’ knowledge of business studies have continued to decline. The number of yearly enrolment of students offering the subject in secondary school and higher education institutions should be a source of concern for many business educators and school authorities.

In effect, there are a large number of questions that a large number of people want to investigate in order to find solutions to the problem. These are what business studies as a whole are, who is involved in teaching it, what methods are used to improve teaching, and what are the reasons for low performance and enrollment in the subject.

These are all concerns that have led to this investigation into the needs of secondary schools.


The following questions are posed for the purpose of this study:

i. What business studies teaching methods do teachers use?

ii. Do these methods have a positive impact on students’ ability to achieve their goals in business studies?

iii. Are business studies teachers familiar with pre-handled pedagogical teaching methods?

iv. If so, do they actually use them while teaching?

v. Are the students motivated to continue their studies in business at a higher level?



I To reveal the applicable methods for teaching business studies in secondary schools.

ii To determine whether the method is truly effective.

iii Determine whether the teacher has pedagogical experience as part of their teaching qualification.

iv To assess the impact of the methods used on students pursuing business studies.



i. The study will provide teachers with knowledge of the best methods to use when teaching business studies in secondary school.

ii. This study is pertinent in the sense that there is a need to expand knowledge in the area of the methods used.

iii. It is also significant in that it will allow the teacher training college to focus more on assessing their students’ performance while on teaching practice (TP).

iv. The research will also be used to demonstrate the outcome of the method used at the end of the lesson.

v. It will also serve as a wake-up call to school administrators to hire qualified teachers for the subjects.



This study only looked at a few secondary schools in Lagos’s Bariga Local Government Area (CMS Grammar School Bariga). This investigation cannot go beyond this area due to the financial situation on transportation fair, the time factor, and the need to avoid delays in how to collect data for the study’s effectiveness.


A hypothesis is a conjectural statement of the relationship between two or more variables. Hypotheses are always in declarative sentence form and relate variables to variables either generally or specifically. They usually serve as assumed answers to his main questions, the correctness of which he evaluates during his research.

There are two types of hypotheses: null hypotheses and alternative hypotheses. The null hypothesis states that there is no relationship between two or more variables and is denoted by the symbol Ho, whereas the alternative hypothesis states that two or more variables differ and is usually denoted by the symbol H1.

Ho: The teacher does not demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the method used to teach business studies in secondary schools.

H1: Teachers demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the method of teaching business studies in secondary schools.


Prior to the Nigerian Civil War, business schools existed throughout the country to train young people in secretarial and clerical duties. When the states took over education in 1971, most business schools merged with secondary business grammar schools.

Today, there is an emerging shift in emphasis and orientation toward a more functional approach to secondary education that better meets the nation’s socioeconomic needs. Secondary schools are encouraged to introduce practical subjects such as typewriting, bookkeeping, shorthand, office clerical and secretariat practice, accounting, and economics.

It was also discovered that prior to the implementation of modern methods, some secondary school teachers of business studies used orthodox methods to teach their students. Furthermore, it is observed that teachers with proper training refused to use the appropriate method of teaching, which could be due to a short lesson period, a lack of materials, a conducive environment, and the country’s poor economic situation.

All of this has resulted in the students’ inability to comprehend the subject. The subject is critical, which is why every teacher must be prepared. Those who lack this orientation, whether in higher education or through outside seminars, will be unable to apply appropriate methods for teaching subjects in both primary and secondary schools.

As a result, the purpose of this study is to investigate the method of teaching business studies at CMS Grammar School Bariga.


The survey for this study is being conducted at CMS Grammar School Bariga, which will make the work more efficient for the researcher in terms of gathering actual facts, as well as saving time and transportation costs.


Buying goods and services is referred to as business. While study is ded as learning about a subject at school or university, it can also be ded as “finding out information” when someone studies a subject in depth in order to discover new information.

According to the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary.

As a result, BUSINESS STUDIES: Is ded as a subject taught in both junior and senior secondary schools that deals with learning about buying and selling goods and services in school or in any organization. Office practice, commerce, typewriting, shorthand, accounting, and bookkeeping are all part of the studies.

The Definition of the Previously Mentioned Studies

OFFICE PRACTICE: It is a central point or administrative center of any living organization where clerical activities such as recording, disseminating information, analyzing, and saving guard take place.

COMMERCE: A science that studies man’s behavior in relation to the system of trade and distribution, as well as the operations and mechanics of ancillary agencies as they relate to trade and distribution. Commerce entails both trade and trade aids.

To involve the purchase and sale of goods and services, while trade aids include banking, transportation, communication, warehousing, insurance, and advertising.

TYPEWRITING: This is a course of study that teaches students typing skills and techniques so that they can produce reliable copies of a variety of documents on a typewriter. Typewriting is commonly ded as the act of printing on paper with a typewriter.

SHORT: It is a written sign that represents spoken sounds. Writing by signs entails writing words as they are pronounced rather than long hand spelling.

ACCOUNTING: The process, science, art, or system of recording, analyzing, classifying, summarizing, interpreting, and reporting financial transaction or acting information of a business enterprise or an organization in order to assist management or users in planning, control, coordination, and decision making in a given period is known as accounting.

BOOK- KEEPING: Is the art of recoding business transactions between individuals and institutions in terms of money or money’s worth; in other words, it can be the act of recording an organization’s transactions in the books of accounts.


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