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This research was undertaken to determined Physics Students' competency in the use of Information and Communication Technology () at the University of Benin. In carrying out this study the research data was obtained from two faculties of the University: Science and Education. The sample was selected using twenty items questionnaires for section B and seven items- questionnaires for selection C based on the research questions raised. A total of fifty (50) Physics students were chosen as a sample size and the questionnaires were administered to both male and in the faculties of Science and Education. Two  Null hypotheses were tested in this research and X2, Chi-square and percentages was used to analyze the data at 0.05 level of significance. From the study, the following findings were made: There was a significant different in the level of competence in the use of information and communication technology by Physics students' at the University, indicates that the use of ICT by Physics students at the University had positive impact on their academics and in favoured of the Physics students. There was a significant different between male and female students competency in the use of ICT at the University, it also indicates that male students performed better than the female student in the use of ICT at the University. There was no significant different in the competency base on faculties. Finally, there was a significant different in the level of encouragement of the University towards the use of ICT to Physics students. However, introduction of ICT by the University of Benin had positive impact on both the teachers and the students up to date in their knowledge and use of ICT.Based on the findings, it was recommended that workshop and seminars should be frequently organized for students to serve as a forum of acquiring more experience and also keep them up to date in their knowledge and use of ICT in education.

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