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15 Productive Things To Do During School Vacation

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Things To Do During School Vacation

Holiday time is a good time for students, you get to have much more time on your hands than during school time. It's a time when you can decide to see as many movies as you wish, visit friends, gist, travel, have some adventure, play games and all that, but the important thing about such luxury of time on your hands is how you use it profitably. There are a lot of things you can decide to do which could be fun, productive or profitable. Think about the past vacations you've had; is there a vacation you can point to and be proud of something you did or achieved at the time? What would you like to do differently when you get to have your next vacation from school? What value are you planning to add to yourself? What experience do you wish to gain? Here in this article are a number of meaningful things you could can do during vacation; you can try them out when you have your next holiday. You can still think about more ideas on how your holiday can be more profitable to you.

Take stock of the previous semester

You can decide to take time out to really reflect on the past semester. Ask yourself some probing questions about things, probe yourself and reflect to see if there were things you did not do quite well, things you probably should not have done that you did or otherwise, reflect on things you did well too, and try to see what things you will like to improve on in the coming semester. What mistakes you may want to avoid, things to subtract, things to add. Taking stock like this will help you see your past shortcomings and commendable choices too and see how you can improve. This is a good thing you can take time out to do during your vacation.

Go get a job

Yea, your holiday time is also an opportunity for you to go out and look for a job to do. Don't just stay at home sleeping, eating and gaining weight, try to look out and see if there is a place where you can work. Don't be too keen on how great the pay is, try to focus more on the fact that you want to learn. Experience gained is important, even if the pay is not too exciting, go for it, and do the job, learn more things.

See educative videos (TED talks)

You can decide to use your vacation period to improve yourself academically, watch educative videos on youtube. This is a good one as it will help you to understand some concepts, then it could also be a way of preparing yourself ahead of the next semester. Instead of just seeing movies or playing games for long time, you could just make do with your or system and see videos that are relevant to your academic performance.

You can as well watch TED talks and learn new things.

Prepare ahead

If you have been able to get materials from your senior colleagues, materials like notes and the likes, then you could decide to use the vacation period to go through them and have some good idea of the things you will be considering in the next semester.


Your vacation time is a good time to pick up very good books on relevant topics and read them up. The book could be about any relevant aspect of life. Do your best to improve yourself in other of life too, not just academics. Spend your time wisely and add value to yourself, let there be conscious personal development. Remember that readers are leaders.


Your vacation is a very good period of time to relax and refresh yourself and get optimal before facing another semester in school. You should do things that can improve and optimise your health, take good food, rest and sleep well, also you could get yourself to exercise. While it is good that you make productive and profitable use of your vacation, it is also very important that you take the opportunity to relax, refresh and be as healthy as possible.

Do an online course

You can decide to harness the opportunity that you have some time and take online courses to add value to yourself. If you have something you really want to learn, you could search online if there are online courses for such, if you need to pay, pay the money and do the course. If it is free, then that even makes it easier. You could search for courses that interest you on sites like Udemy and the likes.


You could decide to go visit and see another university, get to know new places. You could decide to go to a museum. Take the kind of adventure that can be fun and as well add value to you.

Get to learn a skill

You know this is one important thing you can do for yourself while on vacation. You can go ahead and train to have a new skill. Either online or offline, get yourself to be trained to become proficient at a new skill. You should be very serious about adding the right and relevant skills to yourself, when you learn a good skill and you are able to monetize it, then you will already be making good sense with that. In the world as it is today, it is important that along with your academic learning, you should have skills that can solve problems and meet demands. Do not underrate how useful a skill can be to you.

Improve your cooking skills

You can use the vacation opportunity to develop yourself into a better cook. You can involve yourself in kitchen activities and learn more about cooking.

Catch up

You should really try to catch up with your siblings, dad, mum friends and family members that you have been away from for some time. You could visit some of your relations or friends if possible. You should try to make your time at home as interesting and memorable as possible. Let everyone at home feel your presence positively.


You could also choose to give back to the community during your vacation by offering to be part of a worthy cause. If you are able to get a non-governmental organisation (NGO) to volunteer, then that will be a good one. Volunteering is a very good one to consider as it can very well boost your resume. Also, you would get to meet new people and interact, you can also get to learn new things in the process.

Begin a business

You can take advantage of vacation period to start a business that you are interested in.

Learn a musical instrument

You can decide to look for someone to put you through on a particular musical instrument of your interest. By doing this, you are adding value to yourself and you will also be able to point to something you achieved during the vacation.

Transform your room

You can also use the opportunity to give your room a new look, decorate it in a different way.

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