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12 Bad Habits of Nigerian University Students

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Bad Habits of Nigerian University Students

One thing to note about a habit is that it takes a great deal to change, thus promoting the belief that one's habit goes a long way in determining one's professional and private life. As a tertiary institution student, there are certain behaviors that you should work upon, and there are certain traits that you should shed. Today we will be looking at 12 of the many bad habits that Nigerian university students engage in.

1. Striving for perfection

Many students tend to pursue the impossible; the impossible in this sense means being a perfect student with great character and a perfect score. Indeed, having a great character is achievable, but getting a perfect score is almost impossible at this level of education. You are no longer in , so face realities. There is no such thing as a perfect person. Learn how to forgive yourself when you commit an error or make mistakes, stop being too hard on yourself. There is nothing as pressuring as trying to be good with every individual you come across. Without mincing words, we can say that the leeway to failure is by trying to satisfy everyone in school and life generally.

Stop taking what everyone says about you or your actions to heart. By listening to everyone, you tend to deprive yourself of many enjoyable life moments because you fear what people will say. The truth is university life is not all about academics; it involves developing character, making connections, and creating fun memories.

2. it too late to act (Procrastination)

Many students tend to feel they have a lot of time, so they push back events and activities that need to be carried out. The reality is that there is no time. Many of us had promised over the years, especially when we were in secondary and primary schools, to start keeping to time and scheduling activities; however, we often failed.

Now that you are at the University begin to carry out those things you have been fantasizing about. The university period is the time for getting things done, not only academically but socially. being delayed by someone else's time; take action now. Make valuable use of your time because; Life is not a game. There is no extra time for you. Therefore, use your limited time to get the extra result.

In addition to the above, distraction has also led many students to procrastinate whether, from society or the opposite, we urge you to make use of your time wisely.

3. Not Learning Skills

Indeed, it is good to read, but not acquiring any skill while at the university is a serious concern. A lot of students spend the vast chunk of their time while in the university in the library reading for the next , test, or examination (which is good); however, the reality of things in Nigeria is one that pushes students to acquire vocational skills or practical knowledge of what is being taught in the classroom. The likelihood of using the skill acquired to make money while in school and after school is very high. Do not expect anything if you are not doing anything. Don't be idle in school. Look for what produces the best result for you and stick to it. We advise and urge you to do something different from what you have been used to.

4. Not Having Hustle

Coming from the above, another bad habit many Nigerian students exhibit is the lack of a second plan if their university degree doesn't work out. Many students tend to leave the future to the imaginary world, reassuring themselves that things will be fine after graduating. However, the sad reality of Nigeria is that nothing is guaranteed for the masses. Getting something on the sideline to engage you and serve as a source of revenue is very advisable. Have a side hustle, have different plans and strategies because one will likely fail. Make your bed the way you will comfortably lay on it. Stop imagining the good life; start now so that your life will be good in reality.

5. Reading to Impress Others

Many students tend to fake reading to avoid being seen as the unserious type. However, the truth is that what works for student A might not work for student B; in other words, reading every time like your friend might not work for you. So avoid reading to impress others; read at your own pace, time, and style. Stop going to night classes to read just because all your friends and colleagues are going to read. You might go to the night class and end up wasting your time and deny yourself of precious sleep. Many students have lost it because they choose to copy the reading plan of others. Don't copy others.

6. Always Making Excuses

Making excuses is now almost peculiar to Nigerian students. There is always an excuse for a missed class, a missed deadline, or lateness to class. Making excuses for not doing what you are meant to do is a bad habit that needs to be checked to prevent it from developing into your professional life. Nobody will accept any excuse for your failure. Stop unnecessary excuses and start taking necessary actions.

7. Entitlement and Blaming Others

A lot of students feel entitled to one thing or the other. Many students feel their lecturers and school administrators owe them. However, it is better to come to terms with it that no one owes you anything. It would help if you learned how to be grateful and kill that feeling telling you to ask for more than what has been apportioned to you. Take, for instance, when many Nigerian students fail a test or course, they are always quick to say “the Lecturer failed me,” “my roommate was the reason I did not do the assignment,” “the government doesn't care about me, and it is my problem.” Indeed, there are myriad problems in life, but others with the same problems carried out the assignment or test given to them and submitted as when due. Always tell yourself the truth and find out where you missed it. It would help if you took control of your life and start accepting that you made a mistake and take responsibility by living with consequences.

8. Not Taking Decision

As a university student, it is important to learn how to be a man/woman of yourself. Learn how to make decisions about your life and stop tagging along on the path of other people. The failure to decide for oneself is why you see many students doing courses because their friends are also doing it. You may be right or wrong but stand for something. Never give up on your right to be wrong. Nobody is perfect; it is normal to make mistakes. So accept your mistakes and work towards becoming a better person.

9. Looking for ways to boycott normal procedure

Many Nigerian students tend to look for a shortcut for everything from doing an assignment, making money, and writing an examination. Indeed this problem is not peculiar only to Nigerian students as it is a practice that has eaten deep into the fabric of Nigerian society. As a result of this, many people are no longer interested in following the right path or normal process. Follow due process so that everything you achieve will last long for you, and you can be proud of it anywhere. Patience is a virtue; learn to be patient.

10. Not Thinking Ahead

A lot of Nigerian students take life as a stroll. They have no plan about the future when asked. Your professional career planning does not start when you graduate from university, because your development as a professional is a life project, and you must promote it to achieve success.

You cannot predict what awaits us for the future, so we must prepare, and what better way than by making a plan that allows us to continue growing in our professional lives. Below we have some questions you should reflect on:

What if I don't get a job after graduation?
What should I be doing immediately after I graduate?
How do I make my dreams come true?
How do I get the life I wanted?

It is important and stops running away from challenges. It is normal to face obstacles; succumbing is the aim.

11. Not Saving Money

A major bad habit that has been affecting and continues to affect Nigerian students is the failure to start saving while in school. Many students spend most of the money they get from home while at university. The desire to impress others with your lifestyle has led to the continued existence of bad saving.

Money comes from everywhere when you gain admission. The higher you go; you will notice that money no longer come like before. It will get to a point where it would seem your parents and everyone has abandoned you. You need savings to fall back to in times of trouble.

12. Lack of Confidence

Many students lack self-belief, which affects how they present themselves, and inadvertently affects how others perceive them. Many students find it hard to talk to a group of people talk less of facing an audience. The earlier you boost your confidence, the better it will be for you.

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